Month: September 2016

Life Insurance Without Commission Means Better Value.

“Bernstein…has introduced what are essentially no-load and low-load policies to the life insurance business…That could mean huge savings for policy buyers.” Forbes
“Low-load Life Performs Better For Clients, Companies” National Underwriter


Thirty years ago, I created, designed and introduced permanent life insurance policies without built-in commissions to the U.S. life insurance market. The concept quickly became known by several different names such as “no-load life insurance”, “life insurance without built-in commissions” and “fee-based” life insurance. Simple and straight-forward, it was well ahead of its time and perceived to be very disruptive in the distribution system of life insurance. We created life insurance products that eliminated the traditional selling costs that were historically priced into life insurance policies. The first year commissions (often 100%-200%), renewal commissions (totaling another 100%), overrides, expense reimbursements and numerous others were ALL eliminated from the pricing of the products I introduced to the market. The impact can be seen as better performance, lower premiums, immediate cash surrender value and complete transparency.

The SAFEST Guaranteed, Lifetime Income Solution – Everything Guaranteed!

Learn how to use insurance companies to hedge away longevity risk which is quickly becoming the #1 concern facing us in retirement.

Buying Life Insurance

How Much Life Insurance Should You Buy?

Term Insurance Rates Are Remarkably Low! How Much Life Insurance Should You Buy? From Who? It is important for consumers to have a good understanding of how inexpensive term insurance really is to own. Once you engage with a professional to start the process, a robust discussion will usually follow about “how much” coverage do you […]

Save Time or Money

What Should You Choose: Time or Money?

An excellent article in The New York Times Sunday Review  “But when it is a choice, the likelihood of choosing more time over more money — despite the widespread tendency to do the opposite — is a good sign you’ll enjoy the happiness you seek.” Given the choice between more time or more money, which […]

Universal Life Insurance Worry

Is Your Universal Life Insurance Policy Keeping You Awake?

Is Your Universal Life Insurance Policy Keeping You Awake? Several months ago I began writing about a few life insurance companies that are increasing the insurance rates within certain policies. The highly unusual practice is contractually permissible but RARELY done. Some have started arguing, and suing carriers, suggesting it is not legal. I helped the […]

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