Month: October 2016

Chinese buy Genworth – What Does It Mean?

Genworth Deal: No Relief for Agents, Policyholders The Long Term Care Insurance market is difficult for insurance companies to accurately forecast. Therefore, we urge our clients to buy long term care coverage with guarantees. There are many new products  that, most importantly, combine life insurance and long term care. As a result, for people who need […]

40% Lower Annual Premiums With Smarter Hybrid Policy – Life Cycle Planning

Lower the Cost of Your Life Insurance and Protect Your Heirs the Way You Intended: Until now, life insurance buyers did not have an option to structure the payment of the policy’s proceeds to their beneficiaries. All that has changed – now you have the control to design the payout exactly as you want them […]

The Incredible Value of Life Insurance – Nothing Else Can Do This…

As September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, this is a great testament to the value of how life insurance protects us. We offer state of the art solutions that are customized to meet your specific goals and objectives. Let us help you minimize your premiums and maximize the value of your coverage. Please call me […]

Succession Planning Tips. Easing the Transition of Your Business

  Each time a family business successfully transitions from one generation to the next, it is quite an achievement. It requires many different people working well together over a sustained period of time.  Succession planning is a complex challenge that will impact millions of businesses on the American business landscape. Speaking from personal experience, there […]


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Life Insurance Advertising and Marketing

Insurance Industry Must Do Better.

Advertising & Marketing 101 If you stop to think about it, when was the last time you saw a life insurance company target an event like the NCAA tournament, the Super Bowl or the Masters (each is their target audience) with ads about the virtues of buying annuities, or life insurance, or any of their […]

Protect Your Retirement Assets From Loss

Put a Safety Net Under Your Retirement Assets

Guaranteed Income + Liquidity is finally being recognized as a powerful combination for retirement security. Lifetime income hedges away longevity risk and liquidity of assets ensures flexibility with the ability to maneuver when necessary. It is more important than ever for people to understand the difference between asset accumulation in retirement versus guaranteed, lifetime income streams. […]

Does Your Retirement Plan Provide You With Enough Guaranteed Lifetime Income?

With interest rates at historic lows and people living longer, guaranteed lifetime income is critical to a secure retirement plan.  I recently wrote an article about Longevity Risk in a column I write for the Boca Raton Tribune about Life Cycle Financial Planning. It is just as relevant today. “A lack of awareness and understanding about guaranteed income […]

Women Face Unique Threats In Retirement – CNBC’s Epperson On Why Annuity Should Be Part Of Plan

A big part of our practice is focused on helping women create security for themselves, their families and their retirement. At our educational events about retirement enlightenment, I spend a good amount of time discussing the challenges single women face as well as married women who are more likely to spend several years in retirement without […]

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