Month: November 2016

Life Insurance Premium Financing – Know The Risks.

Is life insurance premium financing right for you? Life insurance premium financing is not free life insurance. By itself, this will eliminate 90% of the prospects. The annual out of pocket cost is more than the cost of cheap term insurance. There goes another 90%, leaving a legitimate population of 2-3% of all prospects who […]

Everyday Tips For Longevity In Retirement.

1. Time passes faster every day. Don’t make it worse by rushing and stressing over time. Where are you going? 2. Take care of your body so it will take care of you later. Don’t let your world get smaller each day – stay fit and mobile. 3. Intimacy and friendships remain important regardless of where you […]

2016 Elections and Your Retirement

2016 Election and Your Retirement

The 2016 Elections are over, and now you should learn on how this will affect your retirement.  Here are a few resources to help clarify the change of landscape: What a Trump Administration Means for Your Retirement What impact will a Trump presidency have on the 46 million Baby Boomers living in the U.S.?  President-elect […]

Term Life Insurance Ending Too Soon? Avoid Making This Mistake!

Are you worried about your term life insurance policy that is expiring too soon? Do you own a policy that cannot be extended or the price to keep it is 7x or 8x more than the current term premium?  Take control and let us help you navigate this important part of your financial plan. Every day, we […]

Lower Your Stress About Retirement

3 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself About Retirement

Lower Your Stress About Retirement Why You Need To Ask Yourself These 3 Simple Questions About Your Retirement: 1. Do you have any plan at all about retirement besides social security and/or a pension? Over half of all Americans have never made any retirement plan whatsoever, and another 23% have never done any sort of […]

Beware of Bad Financial Advice.

Beware of bad financial advice from your friends and family — dnason (@dnason) November 7, 2016

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