Month: December 2016

Long Term Care Covers More Than You Might Think.

Most people report uncertainty about the definition of claim triggers in their long term care insurance policy. My experience confirms that people want a better understanding about what IS covered and what MAY NOT be covered. You will be surprised about today’s long term care policies and find they DO cover you when you need […]

The Longevity Story

The longevity story

7 Helpful Tips to Review Life Insurance

Life Insurance Policy Forensics Follow the 7 helpful tips to review life insurance coverage below and you will either improve it or have confirmation that the policy is appropriate. It makes sense to review all insurance coverage every two years. Done this way, each type of insurance should take no more than 15 minutes.  For […]

The Value of a Professional’s Advice

Professional Advisors Vital to Financial Health. Make no mistake about it. The research continues to confirm that getting advice from professionals is beneficial in every measure: insurance, retirement planning, investing and quality financial plans. Within 4 to 6 years, households who used advisors accumulated 58% more assets than those who self-directed their investments. Using a […]

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