Month: January 2017

Make Annuities Great Again!

Keep current with relevant News from the Life Cycle Planners Newsletter: Guaranteed Income Matters in Retirement Large amounts of guaranteed income for life is the most important asset you can own in retirement. As we get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage complex investment portfolios. Many people have investment advisors to help […]

Today Show: Make your money last with an annuity

  The Today Show this week includes an important recommendation about guaranteed, lifetime income. Although 2016 was a banner year for indexed annuities, we have a long way to go. Too many people do not understand indexed annuities and as a result, they are still measuring their retirement security by the size of their portfolios. […]

ROI = Reliability of Income

In Retirement, ROI is Reliability of Income. Helping you shift your focus from asset accumulation to guaranteed income will create more security in your retirement plan. Economists, professors and thought leaders all over the world are helping planners and their clients change the dialogue about why sufficient levels of lifetime income are more beneficial and valuable than asset accumulation […]

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