Why Work With Life Cycle Planners

The professionals you choose to help plan your retirement, or create a plan to protect your family and your business is an important decision. The right professional will be your  guide through life cycles to achieve specific goals and objectives. The right professionals benefit you like an experienced travel agent helps you with every aspect in creating the best vacation possible. Take your retirement plan for example. Think of your retirement as a destination, maybe the most important one of your life. You can plan for this on your own or you can choose a specialist to help you every step along the way.

I believe it matters a lot. It does for me when I am selecting professionals. When I am in need of a doctor, I want the best I can find. When I need legal help, I want the best attorney for the job. I understand that “the best” means different things to different people. How experienced is the professional you are considering, do they excel in their field and how well do you relate to him or her? All of these things are important factors and depending on the job and its level of importance, some of these things matter more than the others.

From the beginning of my career, I have been passionate about the financial world. Through easy to understand education and communication, I act as a guide for my clients. I have always believed in specialization for financial protection and planning. We excel at what we do in large part because we stay focused on insurance and retirement solutions. To serve you best, we work with the other professionals on your team. We are part of a team that often includes accountants, estate planning attorneys, money managers and financial planners.

I have been describing my practice style as consultative since the beginning of my career. My goal has always been to create better insurance and retirement solutions – ones I believe are beneficial for my clients and then deliver them to the market in ways that are easily understood. As a columnist for the Boca Raton Tribune and a contributor to insurance industry publications, I contribute to the betterment of my industry by creating better solutions, raising awareness about what is important at the time and bringing about meaningful change.

Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to develop better products, leading to the creation of many innovative products and distribution alternatives. Life insurance without commissions is one perfect example of how these innovations have transformed the insurance industry. The Installment Payout Option is another, being one of my favorite innovations for life insurance as it drastically reduces premiums up to 45% by paying your beneficiaries over time instead of a lump-sum which never lasts as long as you intend. Today, we offer annuities that are 100% liquid from day one with everything guaranteed, including the lifetime income you receive. This alone is creating another industry-wide transformation that is bringing annuities out of the dark ages and into the mainstream.

Innovation can be hard to recognize in the service world. Several good examples of innovation in financial services include mutual funds, ETF’s and REITs. The innovations I have created have several things in common:

  • Much better value creation by eliminating or minimizing surrender penalties,

  • Customization;

  • Transparency and;

  • Immediate liquidity.

CustomizationThe future is bright for consumers who choose to work with experienced professionals. I believe in flexibility, disclosure and options. Newer and better solutions offer more options, providing exactly what is needed to best meet your goals and objectives. More tools and more knowledge are always beneficial. Whether it be in an auto lease, airline tickets or financial services, inflexibility and unnecessary surrender penalties are never optimal. To take advantage of all the new options, products and flexibility, choose to work with a professional who is knowledgeable about innovation.

What is important today?

1. I am extremely concerned about the advisor conflict of interest issue and the misinformation about fees and commissions and their impact in our products. I am concerned about how annuities are incorrectly perceived by so many people who need them most. They are misunderstood and this misunderstanding is costly. Some of today’s annuities, especially indexed annuities, are high performance tools that do it all.

2. Liquid from day one, guaranteed to never lose principal, guaranteed income for life, all gains stacked on the guaranteed principal, today’s indexed annuities are backed by many of the safest financial institutions in the world. Professors and economists from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, U of Chicago, Duke, The London School of Economics and many more are all lined up on the same side about the brilliance of this solution for guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement. And that is saying quite a bit since economists are rarely in agreement about anything!