5 Reasons To Work With Us.

We help families, individuals and business-owners in the following areas: 

I am frequently interviewed and quoted in business publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and the Cato Institute on a variety of subjects, including taxation issues facing the insurance industry.

Fiduciary Standard – Client Best Interest:

The future is bright for consumers who choose to work with experienced professionals. Always putting the needs of our clients ahead of everything we do, we are fiduciaries. We counsel them about what is best for their unique needs. Newer and better solutions are constantly emerging as a result of innovation throughout the industry. For example, the ability to purchase up to $5,000,000 of competitively priced life insurance, without medical underwriting, is removing many of the obstacles for people. No exam, no doctor visit and no lab test is meaningful progress.

To best serve our clients, we remain focused on the following:

1. Acting as fiduciaries who work in the best interests of our clients

2. Advocating the benefits of guaranteed, lifetime income during retirement. Advocating for the consideration of annuities by every American. There is costly misinformation about annuities and we work diligently to educate consumers about the correct information. 

3. Advocating and encouraging insurance companies to take control of the narrative concerning the virtues of their core products and to improve their messaging directly to consumers.

4.The Term Insurance Failure.

5. Advocating for the benefits of using the properly structured annuities for high, short term interest rates that are alternatives to money markets, saving accounts, CDs and government securities such as bonds.  

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