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We work with individuals, families and business owners at every stage of their financial lives. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Succession planning.
  • Retirement planning.
  • Annuities and guaranteed income solutions.
  • Wealth transfer and inheritance planning.
  • Life insurance for income, asset and tax protection.
  • Premium financed life insurance.
  • Product selection.
  • Fee based insurance consulting.

Our practice style is consultative and educational. As a columnist and contributor within the industry, Ted Bernstein adds to its betterment by raising awareness about relevant issues. Ted was recently interviewed and quoted in the Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune and by the Cato Institute concerning taxation issues facing the insurance industry.

We offer guaranteed income solutions that are 100% liquid from day one. The annuities we recommend are guaranteed, including the lifetime income benefits. This alone has created another industry-wide transformation, helping to bring annuities out of the dark ages and into the mainstream. Fixed indexed annuities are now the Private Pensions of our era.

Innovation can be hard to recognize in the world of financial services. Yet, there are many good examples including mutual funds, ETF’s and indexing strategies. Many of the innovations I have introduced to the market have several things in common:

  1. Better value for policyholders;
  2. Elimination of surrender penalties;
  3. Customization;
  4. Commission and fee transparency;
  5. Lower premiums for life insurance and annuities.

Personalization = Customization

The future is bright for consumers who choose to work with experienced professionals. Flexibility, disclosure and transparency are the keys to working in the best interest of each client. Newer and better solutions are constantly emerging as a result of innovation throughout the industry. The future will continue to offer more options to customize life insurance and retirement plans, providing consumers what is needed to meet their goals and objectives. To succeed, we will need to stay focused on the following:

1. The issue of trying to define the term fiduciary while demonstrating how misinformation about fees and commissions is detrimental to consumers.

2. The continued negative perception of annuities by those who need them most. There is widespread  and costly misunderstanding. Some of today’s annuities, especially many indexed annuities, are high performance tools that should be considered in every retirement plan. It is time for the insurance companies to take a proactive position to control the narrative about the virtues of their core products. Insurance companies should be advertising and marketing directly to their policyholders.

3. Guaranteed, income for life. Professors and economists in every country are advocating the need for private solutions that include lifetime income in retirement. It is the linchpin of well balanced retirement plans. 

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