Work With Life Cycle Planners

“Among the most important financial decisions you will make in life comes down to which professionals you choose”, says Ted Bernstein of Life Cycle Financial Planners in Boca Raton.

The right professional is your best advocate, assisting you with:

  • Succession planning
  • Wealth transfer and inheritance plans
  • Insurance plan
  • Retirement planning; and
  • Strategic business planing


We believe that specialization of financial services offers our clients the best thinking from each discipline. We excel by staying focused on insurance and retirement solutions. We work together with a client’s team, often including accountants, estate planning attorneys, asset managers and financial planners.

My practice style is consultative and educational. My goal is to create better insurance and retirement solutions applicable for all – and then bring them to the market in ways that are easily understood. As a columnist and contributor to our industry publications, I contribute to the betterment of our industry by raising awareness about important issues facing our clients.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to develop many innovative products and distribution alternatives. Life insurance without commissions is one perfect example of how these innovations have transformed the insurance industry. The Installment Payout Option is another favorite innovation of mine. This option reduces the annual premiums and creates better policy value. For many families, it is a much better solution. By giving life insurance buyers a choice to protect their beneficiaries with guaranteed payments over time, it eliminates a serious planning problem. Lump-sum payments often fail a family, the proceeds usually not lasting as long as intended.

We offer guaranteed income solutions that are 100% liquid from day one with everything guaranteed, including the lifetime income you receive. This alone is creating another industry-wide transformation, helping to bring annuities out of the dark ages and into the mainstream. Fixed indexed annuities are quickly becoming the Private Pensions of our era.

Innovation can be hard to recognize in the world of financial services. Yet, there are many good examples including mutual funds, ETF’s and indexing strategies. Many of the innovations I have introduced to the market have several things in common:

  1. Better value creation;
  2. Elimination of surrender penalties;
  3. Customization;
  4. Transparency; and
  5. Reduced premiums

The Future Is Bright

CustomizationThe future is bright for consumers who choose to work with experienced professionals. I believe that flexibility, disclosure and transparency are the key ingredients to acting in the best interest of each client. Newer and better solutions emerge as a result of innovation. The future is filled with more options to customize life insurance plans and retirement plans, providing exactly what is needed to meet our goals and objectives. Whether it be in an auto lease, a real estate transaction or financial services, flexibility and options are always optimal. 

What is important today?

1. I am concerned about the conflict of interest issue and how the misinformation about fees and commissions is viewed. I am also concerned about the perception of annuities by those who need them most. There is widespread misunderstanding and it is costly. Some of today’s annuities, especially indexed annuities, are high performance tools that do it all. Think of Tesla for a fair comparison of just how different a battery powered car is from the cars of 25 years ago. Indexed annuities are good for all stakeholders.

2. Guaranteed, income for life will be the linchpin of well balanced retirement plans. They are liquid from day one, guaranteed to never lose principal, guarantee income for life and all gains protected and added to the guaranteed principal. Professors and economists from Harvard and Yale are on the same side about the need for lifetime income in retirement.

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