This retirement story in the New York Times, How to make your money last as long as you do, hit the bullseye by explaining how annuities provide guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement.

“Consider an annuity”… [Retirees] will always have enough to cover essential living expenses, no matter how long they live or how badly their investments perform.”

With a portion of your retirement funds in the right type of annuity, the principal is protected by creating guaranteed income that will last “as long as you do”. As you get older, the amount of income increases and will not level off until you begin to draw a paycheck from the contract.

In other words, anyone who wants absolute security in retirement should take advantage of this special kind of annuity.

No other retirement solution offers 100% principal protection, participation in market gains, tax deferral, favorable taxation on distribution, liquid from day one and no commissions paid by you or your account.

Consider an annuity if you are:

  1. Married and in, or near retirement. 
  2. Want dependable, predictable income for life.
  3. Single, in or near retirement.
  4. Seeking a simple and safe solution built entirely on guarantees.
  5. Interested in transparency, disclosure and regulated products.
  6. Seeking guaranteed income for life with NO principal risk.

ROI in retirement is reliability of income.

With the New York Times suggesting that people “consider an annuity” to make their money last as long as they do is supportive of everything that is stressed by economists and professors all over the world. Guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement is finally beginning to receive mainstream attention.

Do you have assets in an IRA? Read this.

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