Retirement Income is the Ultimate Safety Net.


“I want steady retirement income but I can not afford to lose any principal”. 

This is the number one concern we hear about retirement security.

“No Losses and Income I Cannot Outlive”.

People do not want to lose principal and they want guaranteed income for life. It is helpful to think about the difference between accumulating assets in retirement versus guaranteed, lifetime income. Until retirement, we focus on growing our assets. That makes sense because the more assets we have, the more income they can generate. 


Decumulation is the fancy word for distributions. Professors and economists are finally asking us to re-think the conventional wisdom concerning asset accumulation versus lifetime income. Like so many things in financial planning, each person’s circumstances are unique. It is that very uniqueness that drives product decisions and risk tolerance. Factors such as heirs, health, other assets and income sources all play a role in how we feel about converting assets to income. For those who decide income for life suits them better, using the right annuities will let you have the best of both worlds:

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Ted Bernstein

Dedicated to helping people create the ultimate retirement security and protection plan to safeguard their families and businesses. I stress guaranteed income solutions, indexed annuities and state of the art wealth preservation strategies. As the innovator of life insurance products without commissions, my recommendations are impartial, objective and always in the best interests of my clients.

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