What do Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery have in common with buying life insurance today?


As fast as they blink and twitch is all the time it takes to buy the best life insurance available in the market today. Apply and Buy is done without a medical exam, without lab tests or without the traditional underwriting hassle. Everything is done online with the guidance of experienced professionals. Whole life insurance, term life insurance, permanent life insurance are all available, up to $5,000,000. For qualified prospects, no traditional underwriting means:

  1. No bloodwork, no needles. No other body fluids necessary.
  2. No visit from the doctor.
  3. For approved candidates, issued and paid in an hour.

The Need For Speed.

Consumers today expect everything done quickly. Many people do not review or upgrade their existing life insurance coverage because they dislike the process and it takes too long. But speed alone is not all it takes to make a great life insurance experience. Considering it is among our most important assets, quality is equally important. Without exception, the insurance companies underwriting these programs are market leaders.

Welcome to the future where you can buy the most competitive life insurance coverage in a single phone call. By collecting information such as prescription history, DMV reports and typical credit and consumer information, you will get a policy in a fraction of the time and none of the aggravation.*

Everything is done online. In one sixty minute phone call, you can apply and buy up to $5,000,000 of coverage. Everyone under age 65 is a candidate. Therefore, if you have been putting off the decision to review or upgrade your coverage, now is the perfect time to speak us.

What Type of Policies Are Eligible for Accelerated Underwriting?

Term and permanent policies are eligible, including whole life. There is no difference between these products and the ones available through traditional underwriting, which is the biggest concern people state for not upgrading their existing life insurance coverage. People realize that policies are better than ever before but at least 50% report taking no action. Enhancements like living benefits, vitality pricing, lifestyle credits and lower premiums are not enough to overcome the hassle of underwriting.
The typical concerns stated by most people include:

  • the exam process.
  • aversions to needles for blood.
  • disclosing height and weight.
  • fasting.

What About Living Benefits?

Living Benefits are available with accelerated underwriting. The value of Living Benefits is that they allow you to draw against the face amount of the policy if you have a qualifying health emergency. Every life insurance policy should include Living Benefits, without exception, since there is no additional cost.

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* Applicants may not qualify. Insurance companies retain the right to ask for additional medical information based on the initial application.


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