“Excellent site and information. Non-threatening, clear thinking, good suggestions and clear solutions. Beautifully done, nice illustrations, spaced well. Put this content on Facebook, choosing who it goes to (age, interests, family makeup, industry and much more.) People will find it interesting.

M. Jacobs, Boca Raton, Florida

“I have been a client of Ted Bernstein’s for 25+ years. I first met Ted through a trust company’s recommendation when he was living in Chicago. When he asked if I would say a few words about him that could be used in this way, I was glad to do it. Ted is dedicated to helping his clients. Over the years, my wife and I have called on Ted with questions about finding a good attorney, health insurance concerns and even questions about FSU for our grandchildren. Along with our other family advisors, we see Ted at my family’s annual meeting in Florida to review our existing plans and hear about new things. For those of us who value professionals with command of their industry and someone you can trust to help your family when it will matter most, I recommend Ted.”

Cyril K., Ocala, Florida

“Great Ted, thank you. You are always so well informed and on the ball!! You are a pro.  Everyone should know!!!

Spencer Gale, Boca Raton, Florida