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“My brother and I have enjoyed getting to know you and your wife, Deborah. You went above and beyond what we expected from insurance agents. As you know, I spoke with several other agents before we met. As a family business, it is helpful to work with professionals who are also family businesses. Now that we have become clients of your company, Steven and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship”.
Matthew P
Athens Greece
“We met Deborah Bernstein and her husband, Ted, in Boca Raton. Our children met Deborah through a charity several years ago and we were fortunate to attend one of the seminars they hosted about retirement. They are not high pressure salespeople. Deborah is delightful and the reigning Mrs. America…”
Geraldine and Bernard H.
Highland Beach, Florida
“Thank you for helping a person like me from the internet that you do not even know. May the mighty lord bless you and your next of kin for the kindness you have shown. You are an angel.”
Ashlee P
Professor, New York
“Great Ted, thank you. Yes, you can post this testimonial on your social media!! You are always so well informed and on the ball!!! You are a pro. Everyone should know!!!”
Spencer Gail
Boca Raton, Florida
"I met Deborah Bernstein through her sister in Alabama. It is a pleasure to share my experiences about her. Making the right decision about who to work with in financial services is very important. Choosing which annuity to buy was a confusing and stressful exercise. As soon as I met with Deborah, I knew I was in capable hands. She is very attentive and professional. A huge weight was lifted off of me and I am happy to serve as a reference for you anytime."
Teri C
"Ted, this is an excellent site and excellent information. Non-threatening, clear thinking, good suggestions and clear solutions. Beautifully done, nice illustrations, spaced well. I would recommend that you also put this content on Facebook, choosing who it goes to (age, interests, family makeup, industry and much more.) People will find it interesting."
J. Garlick
“I have been a client of Ted Bernstein’s for 25+ years. I met Ted through a recommendation when he was living in Chicago. When he recently asked me if I would write something he could use this way, I was glad to do it. Ted is dedicated to helping his clients. Over the years, my wife and I have called on him to find a good attorney, with health insurance concerns and even when we had questions about FSU for our grandchildren. We see him along with our other advisors every couple of years at our family’s planning meeting in Florida. Ted is someone you can trust to help your family when it will matter most. I recommend Ted.”
Cyril K.
Ocala, Flordia