Absolute Security In Retirement

For retirement, we believe in absolute security.

Our clients want GUARANTEED RESULTS, whether it be for income replacement, wealth preservation or retirement planning, nothing is more important than guarantees and the guarantors behind them.

Life Cycle Financial Planning is about creating customized solutions for people at every stage of life. We help minimize risk while adding maximum value.  Our approach to client interaction is rooted in transparency and disclosure.  Innovation is the trademark of everything we do.

What Is The Risk of Outliving Your Wealth?

The biggest worry for working people and retirement age people today is having insufficient income and assets during retirement.

During the 20th century, life expectancy in the U.S. climbed by almost 50%. That has huge implications for your finances.

Longevity Risk is the risk of out-living your wealth. Our knowledge and experience will help you mitigate all aspects of longevity risk which is considered by many professors to be the number one threat in retirement.


Guaranteed Income is a Lifestyle Choice!

Planning to retire with maximum security should be approached from a risk management perspective, not just a total return perspective. Which of your current advisors specialize in guaranteed, lifetime income solutions for retirement? On your team, you will know that the cornerstone of your retirement plan will be guaranteed, lifetime income. 

Guaranteed Lifetime Income – The Longevity Annuity Solution.

We realize that our industry does a poor job explaining how today’s annuity contracts, based on indexing strategies, look nothing like your grandfather’s annuity. As a result, the negative connotations ascribed to annuities continues to prevent too many people from creating a retirement plan based on absolute security.

To help people better understand the benefits of a fixed income stream annuity, we are changing the dialogue to educate our clients about what liquidity in retirement really means. Liquidity in retirement is DIFFERENT than liquidity while we are working. ROI is the definition of liquidity in retirement  –  reliability of income.

Liquidity in retirement is having guaranteed income that cannot be outlived. At retirement, the chance of needing all of our assets to be liquid in order to make a big purchase, deal with something unexpected or be vulnerable to a bad investment decision becomes more and more remote.

I believe that having guaranteed income in retirement is a protective shield from threats such as investment scams, adult children and market volatility.


What is longevity risk?

The risk of living too long and outliving your wealth is known as longevity risk.

Why is longevity risk the number one risk in retirement?

Extended life expectancy is creating a simple but serious problem for a growing number of people in the U.S. For most people at retirement age, income declines or disappears completely. The combination of low interest rates, loss of income and extended life expectancy are the 3 prongs of longevity risk.

Is there an effective and affordable solution for longevity risk? 

Yes. A guaranteed income, longevity annuity.

Upon death, does the insurance company keep my money?

No. Structured properly, the listed beneficiaries will receive all remaining or unpaid money within the policy.

Why use an annuity?

Fixed indexed annuities are not subject to any losses and the insurance company provides guaranteed, lifetime income. As a result, they are among the safest and best solutions to create retirement security.

Key Questions to Consider About Your CURRENT Retirement Plan:

1. How are your assets hedged against longevity risk? In other words, how are you protected from outliving your money?
2. Can you lose principal?
3. How are your assets hedged against sequence of returns risk? In other words, how are you protected from having your retirement assets crushed by ups and downs of the market?
4. How are your assets hedged against inflation risk?
5. What is the plan to create income during your retirement? Is this level of income both adequate and sustainable?
6. How much of your fixed expenses do you want to ensure with guaranteed income?
7. How would a long term care event affect your retirement plan?

Tips for a Wise Annuity Purchase

  • What kind of annuity you are purchasing. How was it determined?

  • Is it fixed, variable or deferred?

  • You want an annuity with 100% liquidity from day one or the shortest surrender charge period.

  • Beware of scare tactics that appeal to your emotions.

  • Give thought to when you are planning to take distributions from your annuity or annuities?

  • How does the annuity fit into your overall income plan? 

  • Make sure the professional you are working with is knowledgeable about income taxation in retirement.

“The only way to guarantee income is through pensions or annuities”

                                                                                            David Blanchett, Head of Morningstar Retirement Research


Retirement Demographics

  • In the U.S. alone, more than 10,000 individuals retire every day

  • The number of Americans aged 65 and older will double by 2030

  • Retirees can expect to live 30-40 years in their new retirement lifestyle

  • Many people have no provision for long term care costs while 50% of women over 65 and 1/3 of men will spend some time in a nursing home

  • Many people have no idea how to maximize Social Security income or Medicare

  • More than 20% report that they do not have updated wills or powers of attorney

Take the first step towards creating a guaranteed lifetime income plan for your retirement.

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