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We know that insurance and financial services is just not that interesting for most people! With that in mind, the goal of our ‘To The Point’ page is to keep you informed with credible, accurate information, in English. The focus areas will include retirement income planning, life insurance comparison pricing, succession planning, guaranteed income advice and innovation. We hope you find value from what we feature and we welcome questions, critique and your feedback.

We are living in interesting times, that’s for sure. “Does life insurance cover death due to pandemics”? Life insurance protection during a pandemic might understandably have some people worried about their own insurance policy. If you are concerned about a specific life insurance policy (whether we placed it or not), please feel free to contact us or the issuing insurance company directly. For what it is worth, I can think of no reason why the coronavirus (COVID-19) would be cause for a claim denial.

Are Annuities Safe? For people near or in retirement, Guaranteed Income Annuities are likely on your mind right now. They are worthy of strong consideration in your Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). They guarantee two of the most important things in retirement. The first is principal and the other is income for life. If stock market volatility is too much for you in retirement, and if it is creating too much anxiety, fixed indexed annuities are great options to consider.

Expect life insurance companies to significantly react to the sudden drop in interest rates. This will impact consumers in many ways.

How Do I Compare My Existing Term Life Insurance Policy To A New One To Lower The Premiums And Improve The Coverage?

  1. How many years of coverage remain in your CURRENT policy?

    For example, if you bought a 20 year term policy in 2015 with no other features, you now have a 15 year term policy because the guaranteed term rate will end in 2035 or 15 years from now.

  2. How long is your current policy convertible?

    This is a critical deadline to be aware of in your existing policy and any new policy you may acquire in the future. The longer the better.

  3. List the other features in your term policy.

    For example, does your current policy have a Living Benefits option allowing you to take a no cost advance against the face amount of the policy? Or, does it have a return of premium? There are several features available today that may not have been available when your policy was issued.

  4. Base the new quote on your current health.

    Getting the best underwriting class results in big premium difference. The rates for Preferred vs Standard can be 10% or more.

  5. COMPARE! Share this information with an agent for a quote.

    In no time, the numbers will tell the story. Maybe you can reduce your cost or maybe you can spend the same and increase the number of years. You will be surprised. The result should be a lower premium, even though you are 5 years older now.

From January 2019 to January 2020, many of our FIXED annuity clients experienced more than 14% gains. This means the contract was credited with 14% new principal. That new interest is added to the principal and can NEVER be lost. Indexed annuities guarantee NO LOSSES and 100% of the principal. It’s a great story.

Apply and Buy. You can get up to $5,000,000 of life insurance online, with NO MEDICAL EXAM, NO BLOOD TEST. Nor do you have to pee in a cup or meet with an insurance agent if you don’t want to. All types of insurance products are available: Whole Life, Term Life Insurance, Universal Life. Read more about apply and buy…

The passage of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act, signed into law by President Donald Trump in late December 2019, loosens the rules on how employers can select annuity providers and include annuity options within 401(k) or 403(b) investment plans. Easing of these rules will trigger more annuity options open to qualified employees in the near future.

A retirement advisor helps you navigate the change from asset accumulation to asset protection and income distribution. Like a financial planner, retirement advisors focus on protecting your assets and creating guaranteed income you cannot outlive.

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