Permanent life insurance offers the best value possible. In the world of life insurance, the lowest net cost means the best value. People who can afford higher premiums in the early years demand the best value and they will be infinitely better off, in terms of the net cost, with a permanent form of life insurance.

Term life insurance has low entry premiums but it is only temporary insurance and it is priced accordingly.

Because it has low entry premiums, term insurance is easy to sell. The Term-ites (term only salespeople) attempt to commoditize this product so it can be easily sold online without a professional’s help. They can be somewhat cultish about why they believe term is better, all the time, for everyone. Some life insurance companies have carved out a niche as term only carriers because term insurance certainly has its place in the market. It is often the right choice for buy-sell agreement funding, short term loans and young families with limited financial resources.

Permanent life insurance is often referred to as whole life insurance and it offers much better value for life insurance buyers who want lifetime coverage and can afford higher premiums in the early years. Comparing the net cost of permanent life insurance to to the net cost of term insurance is the right way to measure its superior value. Using the simple definition of net cost to be the total premiums paid minus total cash value, the goal of switching from term insurance to permanent insurance is an important step to take in optimal life insurance planning.

What is the difference between term insurance and permanent life insurance?

Permanent life insurance is better value for anyone considering coverage for life. Term insurance is the ideal name for temporary insurance. Term premiums increase when we are forced to renew. When the temporary insurance expires, people often find themselves without coverage when it is needed most.

People buy permanent life insurance once its superior value is understood.

But Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman don’t like permanent life insurance”. Neither of them are insurance professionals and neither one counsels individuals. Their target audiences are young families unable to buy anything but term coverage and we applaud these families for doing so. Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman’s job is to sell ads and one way to do that is by making indefensible claims about popular products.

When people move out of the “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle, they become potential permanent life insurance buyers. Since more than ninety seven percent of ALL term policies do not pay a claim, then 97 percent of ALL term premium are wasted.  High Net Worth (HNW) consumers and high income earners need permanent life insurance for many different reasons:

Income Replacement:  If your family  or business depends on your income, regardless of your age, life insurance guarantees no family disruption due to loss of income. 

Immediate Liquidity – Wealth Transference:  High net worth and ultra-high net worth people own life insurance because they want GUARANTEED LIQUIDITY at death and they purchase permanent insurance because it’s guaranteed for life. 

Some others are:

  • Asset values can fluctuate significantly. 
  • Children working in a family business. Life insurance is the great equalizer for those children who do not work in the business. Without liquidity in these cases, there is great risk to a smooth succession of the business.
  • Many clients own a life insurance policy for each of their grandchildren. The insurance policy is straightforward and inexpensive.
  • Premium Financing. HNW people have the ability to finance life insurance. When it makes sense, it is a very effective tool to create tax free wealth.

High Net Worth people own life insurance to reinforce their succession plans. In these cases, assets may be real estate, businesses and other non-liquid assets. Life insurance provides immediate, tax free liquidity. It gives the family and their advisors time to properly execute the succession plan. Too many times, without sufficient liquidity, anxiety creeps in and family members get nervous. This can lead to litigation, confusion and disruption.

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