Women Face Unique Threats In Retirement – CNBC’s Epperson On Why Annuity Should Be Part Of Plan


A big part of our practice is focused on helping women create security for themselves, their families and their retirement. At our educational events about retirement enlightenment, I spend a good amount of time discussing the challenges single women face as well as married women who are more likely to spend several years in retirement without their spouse. A common concern shared by many women is how they will fare with complex portfolios that require focused attention, something that is likely being done together and with the help of advisors. The challenges of managing a complex portfolio of equities or bonds gets more difficult with age. We help men and women give serious consideration about how difficult this process might be at 80 or 90 years old. Once people come to learn about the simplicity and the guarantees of longevity income annuities, they begin to shift their assets from more risky equities and bonds to no-risk guaranteed income contracts.


Helping Women Retire Securely


Ted Bernstein

Dedicated to helping people create the ultimate retirement security and protection plan to safeguard their families and businesses. I stress guaranteed income solutions, indexed annuities and state of the art wealth preservation strategies. As the innovator of life insurance products without commissions, my recommendations are impartial, objective and always in the best interests of my clients.

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