Indexed Annuitiy: A $200 Billion Market

9 months ago Ted Bernstein 0

Should you have a portion of your retirement assets in an indexed annuity? There is a great deal of information about how to allocate retirement assets. A fixed indexed annuity offers upside with virtually no downside.

  • If you want to create an income stream that is guaranteed for life, an indexed annuity may be the right tool.
  • If you want to protect your principal and receive a guarantee that you will NEVER lose it, you may want to consider an indexed annuity.
  • If you want market gains without market losses, a fixed indexed annuity will provide this “market insurance”.
  • Only an insurance company can guarantee 100% principal protection and income for life.

Americans concerned about security in retirement are buying more than $200B of indexed annuities. Watch the video below to learn about the advantages of using a fixed indexed annuity versus variable annuities that continue falling out of favor for retirement planning.

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