Apply and Buy Life Insurance – No Medical Exam. One Brief Phone Call and You’re Covered Up To $5Million.


What do Barbara Eden and Elizabeth Montgomery have in common with buying life insurance today?

As fast as Samantha can twitch her nose or Genie can blink all the time it takes to apply and get approved. If that sounds too good to be true, it gets better. Both permanent and term are available and there is no traditional underwriting for qualified prospects, which means:

  1. No bloodwork, no needles.
  2. No other body fluids necessary.
  3. No visit from the doctor.

Of course speed is more important now than ever before. We know that most people do not review or upgrade their life insurance primarily because they dislike the process so much. But speed alone is not enough. Considering that life insurance is a key asset, superior quality is equally as important as process speed, if not more so. After all, this may be coverage that lasts a lifetime. Offered by the most competitive insurance companies, these policies are market leaders in every measurable way.

Everything is done online. In one sixty minute phone call, you can apply and buy up to $5,000,000 of life insurance. Everyone under age 65 is a candidate for both term and permanent coverage. Do you need or want life insurance coverage without any of the traditional hassle? If you have been putting off the decision to review or upgrade your existing portfolio, now may be the perfect time to speak with us about available options.

What Type of Policies Are Eligible for Accelerated Underwriting?
Term and permanent policies are eligible, including universal life, guaranteed universal life, indexed universal life and whole life. They all qualify at the same competitive rates as the fully underwritten option. There is no difference in the product you purchase going the accelerated underwriting route. The underwriting process is the biggest concern people state for not upgrading their existing life insurance coverage and we have removed this obstacle. Even though people are aware of how much better policies are now, at least half of us with existing policies report taking no action. Enhancements like living benefits, vitality pricing, lifestyle credits and lower premium options are often not enough to overcome underwriting obstacles.
The typical concerns stated by most people include:

  • the exam process.
  • aversions to needles for blood.
  • disclosing height and weight.
  • fasting.

Are the rates different than traditional underwriting policies?
No. There is no difference in rates for the accelerated underwriting process. Ask us about Living Benefits that allow you to draw against the face amount of the policy if you have a qualifying health emergency. Every life insurance policy should include Living Benefits. No exceptions, in my opinion. The upside is huge and there is no additional cost for the better policies.

Welcome to the future where you can buy the most competitive life insurance coverage in a single phone call. By collecting big data information such as Rx checks, DMV reports and typical credit and consumer information, you can get a policy in a fraction of the time and none of the aggravation.

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Ted Bernstein

Dedicated to helping people create the ultimate retirement security and protection plan to safeguard their families and businesses. I stress guaranteed income solutions, indexed annuities and state of the art wealth preservation strategies. As the innovator of life insurance products without commissions, my recommendations are impartial, objective and always in the best interests of my clients.

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