Living Benefits Adds Immediate Protection For Critical & Chronic Health Problems says Ted Bernstein, at no extra cost! Does Your Current Policy Allow You to Take an Advance Against the Face Amount at No Cost? Learn How You Can Get Money From Your Life Insurance Policy. Living Benefits Life Insurance  by Ted Bernstein Boca Raton 

Life Insurance is benefiting from innovations in medicine, prevention and intervention. These innovations lead to lower premiums. Policies from only 5 years ago are obsolete in terms of price and features. For most people, being older does not matter; rates are dropping at a faster pace than we are aging and the coverage is getting better tooCatastrophe Insurance For Critical Health Problems by Ted Bernstein Boca Raton 

Call us today at 561-869-4500 to upgrade your policy to one with living benefits, either for term or permanent policies.

The following link answers the most basic questions about the value of adding living benefits to your coverage:Living Benefits Life Insurance  by Ted Bernstein Boca Raton 


Our job is to guide you through the selection process to make sure you get a policy with all the living benefits (critical, chronic, terminal) and the lowest premiums. We offer policies that most other agents can not offer you. Because we have been selling living benefits coverage since 2013, we are market leaders for A+ carriers specializing in living benefits. Living Benefits Life Insurance  by Ted Bernstein Boca Raton 

Want to learn more? Please contact me at 561-869-4500 or by email. I will clarify and answer any questions on a complementary basis.”

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