Top 5 Reasons Wealthy People Want Life Insurance

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Wealthy People Want Life Insurance. Do They Need It? Wealthy people, or High Net Worth (HNW) consumers purchase permanent life insurance every day for many reasons. Most people use life insurance for income protection and that is certainly the case for the majority of life insurance purchases. Some, typically younger HNW people are high income Read More

Disability Income Insurance – Lower Premiums

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by Deborah Bernstein A disabling accident occurs every second in the U.S. with many of these accidents qualifying for disability income insurance. What would your family do if your paychecks stopped tomorrow and didn’t resume for several months or longer? What if this became several years? In some cases, social security may help with disability Read More

Wealthy People Buy Permanent Life Insurance

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Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance (Whole Life)? Can you afford permanent insurance? Most people can’t. Should you buy permanent life insurance? Only you can answer that question. Do you want to provide a tax-free benefit to your wife, children or business upon your death, whenever that may be, no matter what? If you Read More

“Not My Family!” How to Avoid Wealth Destruction

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Avoiding Wealth Destruction “If your client’s wealth transfer plan isn’t done carefully, your client’s wealth will be transferred, that’s for sure — just not where they intended. It will end up being transferred to their litigation-minded children, law firms and other professional firms.”   INSURANCE NEWS NET WEALTH DESTRUCTION -Bernstein-INNM1117 ted bernstein boca raton florida  Read More

Power of Indexed Annuities

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Indexed Annuities are great vehicles to provide guaranteed lifetime income in retirement. You can never lose principal and income is paid for life. Considered by leading economists and retirement centers to be the safest way to create and protect retirement assets, indexed annuities can be 100% liquid from day one. Read More

Customized Insurance Policy Lowers Premiums As Much As 45%

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  July 2017 – Boca Raton, Florida NEW INSTALLMENT PAYOUT OPTION FOR 45% LESS IN ANNUAL PREMIUMS? Life insurance buyers have a new and often better option to protect their beneficiaries. According to Ted Bernstein of Life Cycle Financial Planners, it may the most important choice they have when it comes to providing Read More

10 Life Insurance Underwriting Tips To Lower Your Costs

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Life Insurance Underwriting – Demystifying The Black Box of Underwriting Sex, Drugs and Genetics One of the most effective ways of reducing your cost of life insurance is by improving the rate class or making sure to get the best class possible when buying new coverage. Once you decide to purchase a life insurance policy, the process Read More

Don’t Need or Want Your Existing Life Insurance?

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What Is The Market Value Of Your Existing, Inforce Life Insurance Policy? By now, we have all heard stories about someone that received a significant cash payment for a life insurance policy they thought had no value. If you are 65 or older with a life insurance policy you may not need or want any longer, you Read More

Today Show: Make your money last with an annuity

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  The Today Show this week includes an important recommendation about guaranteed, lifetime income. Although 2016 was a banner year for indexed annuities, we have a long way to go. Too many people do not understand indexed annuities and as a result, they are still measuring their retirement security by the size of their portfolios. Read More

Long Term Care Covers More Than You Might Think.

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Most people report uncertainty about the definition of claim triggers in their long term care insurance policy. My experience confirms that people want a better understanding about what IS covered and what MAY NOT be covered. You will be surprised about today’s long term care policies and find they DO cover you when you need Read More