Life Insurance Policy Review

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Life Insurance Policy Review & Monitoring   A life insurance policy review is strongly recommended every two years. For many life insurance buyers, an objective and impartial advocate always proves to be invaluable. For individuals, families or businesses, you can navigate the life insurance world with the comfort of an impartial professional. Transparency and disclosure is Read More

Life Insurance Premium Financing – Know The Risks.

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Is life insurance premium financing right for you? Life insurance premium financing is not free life insurance. By itself, this will eliminate 90% of the prospects. The annual out of pocket cost is more than the cost of cheap term insurance. There goes another 90%, leaving a legitimate population of 2-3% of all prospects who Read More

Term Life Insurance Ending Too Soon? Avoid Making This Mistake!

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Are you worried about your term life insurance policy that is expiring too soon? Do you own a policy that cannot be extended or the price to keep it is 7x or 8x more than the current term premium?  Take control and let us help you navigate this important part of your financial plan. Every day, we Read More

Life Insurance Without Commission Means Better Value.

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“Bernstein…has introduced what are essentially no-load and low-load policies to the life insurance business…That could mean huge savings for policy buyers.” Forbes “Low-load Life Performs Better For Clients, Companies” National Underwriter people-to-watch-fortune Thirty years ago, I created, designed and introduced permanent life insurance policies without built-in commissions to the U.S. life insurance market. The concept quickly became known by several different names such as “no-load life insurance”, “life insurance without built-in... Read More