Disability Income Insurance – Lower Premiums

6 months ago Ted Bernstein 0
by Deborah Bernstein A disabling accident occurs every second in the U.S. with many of these accidents qualifying for disability income insurance. What would your family do if your paychecks stopped tomorrow and didn’t resume for several months or longer? What if this became several years? In some cases, social security may help with disability Read More

The Value of a Professional’s Advice

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Professional Advisors Vital to Financial Health. Make no mistake about it. The research continues to confirm that getting advice from professionals is beneficial in every measure: insurance, retirement planning, investing and quality financial plans. Within 4 to 6 years, households who used advisors accumulated 58% more assets than those who self-directed their investments. Using a Read More

The Incredible Value of Life Insurance – Nothing Else Can Do This…

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As September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, this is a great testament to the value of how life insurance protects us. We offer state of the art solutions that are customized to meet your specific goals and objectives. Let us help you minimize your premiums and maximize the value of your coverage. Please call me Read More

What Should You Choose: Time or Money?

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An excellent article in The New York Times Sunday Review  “But when it is a choice, the likelihood of choosing more time over more money — despite the widespread tendency to do the opposite — is a good sign you’ll enjoy the happiness you seek.” Given the choice between more time or more money, which Read More