Month: February 2017

New York Times: ‘Consider An Annuity’ In Retirement

The lead retirement story in Sunday’s New York Times, How to make your money last as long as you do hit the bulls-eye, explaining how annuities provide guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement. The story’ s message was simple and to the point: “Consider an annuity”… [Retirees] will always have enough to cover essential living expenses, no matter how long […]

Don’t Need or Want Your Existing Life Insurance?

What Is The Market Value Of Your Existing, Inforce Life Insurance Policy? By now, we have all heard stories about someone that received a significant cash payment for a life insurance policy they thought had no value. If you are 65 or older with a life insurance policy you may not need or want any longer, you […]

Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule is DOA

Today, the President delayed the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule that was set to take effect in April. I have been advocating for either a repeal or a delay for many months. The rule was hastily written and poorly written during the Obama administration. The DOL fiduciary rule attempted to legislate the definition of working […]

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