Indexed Annuities – The Facts:

Using Fixed Indexed Annuities, insurance companies guarantee lifetime income for a critical part of your retirement plan. Annuities are not investments. Instead, they are contracts you enter with multi-billion dollar financial institutions that are regulated by 50 states. To maintain Triple A ratings, they are transparent to regulators and are considered to be extremely conservative. 

  • Insurance companies have higher reserve requirements than banks.
  • Insurance companies must comply with strict investment guidelines.
  • The 30-year bull market in bonds may be over. The Fed has said it will continue to raise interest rates, which is not good for bond owners, especially open-ended mutual fund bond owners. Now is a great time to protect gains and protect retirement assets with a principal protected, lifetime income solution.
  • The right annuities, fixed indexed ones, can participate in the some upside of the markets, without any downside risk. This allows you to participate in potential stock market growth without the anxiety from the roller coaster of stock market losses.
  • There are contracts with 100% liquidity from day one – a full return of premium if you want out for any reason. These are special contracts not offered by everyone.
  • When stock market returns are negative, your annuity is credited at zero percent. When the markets are positive again, you will participate in a portion of the upside. This is a tremendous benefit during down years and bear markets.
  • Annuities provide higher income payouts as you get older. The longer you wait, the higher your guaranteed payout will be.
  • Annuities can provide guaranteed income for both spouses. The guaranteed income may continue for as long as the surviving spouse is alive. The life expectancy for two lives is much longer. 
  • Some contracts DOUBLE the income payment for long term health care costs in the event you cannot perform two out of six Activities of Daily Living. 
  • Upon the owner’s death, any unused principal will be transferred to the beneficiaries. The amount of money you contribute, plus all gains credited to your contract, will pass to your heirs.

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