2016 Elections and Your Retirement

The 2016 Elections are over, and now you should learn on how this will affect your retirement.  Here are a few resources to help clarify the change of landscape:

What a Trump Administration Means for Your Retirement

What impact will a Trump presidency have on the 46 million Baby Boomers living in the U.S.?  President-elect Trump, a Baby Boomer himself, has his work cut out for him when it comes to dealing with Social Security and Medicare.  READ MORE

Why The Roth IRA May Be Big Winner In 2016 Presidential Election

With the 2016 presidential election behind us, we can all start thinking about what this country will look like under President Donald Trump.  Notwithstanding all the pre-election campaign rhetoric about immigration, foreign policy, etc., one thing we are quite certain about is that President-Elect Trump is serious about reducing personal income and corporate tax rates across the board. READ MORE

The Real Lessons the Presidential Election Holds for Your Retirement Strategy

Since last week’s presidential election, we’ve seen a deluge of investing and retirement advice. Some is perfectly reasonable: Don’t make any radical moves in your 401(k)! But some recommendations, such as putative ways to “Trump-proof your portfolio,” are in my opinion questionable to say the least. READ MORE

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