1. Time passes faster every day. Don’t make it worse by rushing and stressing over time. Where are you going?

2. Take care of your body so it will take care of you later. Don’t let your world get smaller each day – stay fit and mobile.

3. Intimacy and friendships remain important regardless of where you are on the life cycle spectrum.

4. Healthy relationships are the most important thing in your life. Steve Jobs at end of life:

While the above-quoted essay does not represent either Steve Jobs’ final words nor remarks he made (in either oral or written form) at any time during his life, his biographer Walter Isaacson did record Jobs’ expressing regret at the end of his life about how he raised his children:

“I wanted my kids to know me,” Mr Isaacson recalled Mr Jobs saying, in a posthumous tribute the biographer wrote for Time magazine. “I wasn’t always there for them, and I wanted them to know why and to understand what I did.”

“He was very human. He was so much more of a real person than most people know. That’s what made him so great,” he added. “Steve made choices. I asked him if he was glad that he had kids, and he said, ‘It’s 10,000 times better than anything I’ve ever done’.”

It wasn’t always thus. In the early stages of his career, Jobs, who was adopted, denied being the father of Lisa and insisted in court documents that he was “sterile and infertile”. He acknowledged paternity when she was six, and they were later reconciled.

5. Money talks. It says “Goodbye.” If you don’t convert assets in the market into guaranteed lifetime income, you’ll wish you had. And then it’s too late.


6. Many of the seeds you planted in the past, some good and some bad, will begin to bear fruit and affect the quality of your life as you get older.

7. Acceptance is grace, freedom and peacefulness.

8. Don’t let your possessions own you. Consider them on the trouble vs. enjoyment scale. Simple but enlightening.

9. You may regret some things you didn’t do far more than the ones you did that were “wrong”.  If you get the chance — do them. You may not get the chance again.

10. Every day you wake up is a gift.

11. Converting retirement assets – stocks, bonds, CDs and Treasury’s – into a Longevity Annuity will eliminate risk, guarantee income for life, allow you to enjoy retirement and sleep at night. Do you want to receive guaranteed monthly income, paid to you no matter what? Or, do you want to be responsible to mange a complex investment portfolio into your 80’s and 90’s? Talk to friends and others who receive large amounts of guaranteed, lifetime income and ask them for their opinion about this critical issue.

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