Lower the Cost of Your Life Insurance and Protect Your Heirs the Way You Intended:

Until now, life insurance buyers did not have an option to structure the payment of the policy’s proceeds to their beneficiaries. All that has changed – now you have the control to design the payout exactly as you want them paid. Why does this matter?

Turning the proceeds into guaranteed payments by the insurance company LOWERS THE ANNUAL PREMIUMS as much as 40% and protects the proceeds from every kind of risk.

Do you want the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy to receive a lump sum? One of the most important things you can do for your heirs is to protect them exactly as you intended when you decided to purchase life insurance. Remarkably, life insurance proceeds only last, on average, 3 years! Ask any parent or spouse if they INTEND the proceeds to be gone in 3 years. That is never their intention.

The perfect plan guarantees the number of payments you choose, turning the proceeds into payments that can never be mismanaged. With interest, the insurance company makes structured payments to your beneficiaries based on the plan you create when you set up the policy. Everything is guaranteed. You can change the plan anytime.

For example, instead of a $2,000,000 lump-sum payment, your beneficiaries can receive equal payments of $200,000 for 10 years. Or equal payments of $100,000 for 20 years. How about a plan that pays $500,000 upon death and 10 more equal payments of $150,000? Each person is different and now, each person can customize the payout to meet their precise, individual needs.

It gets better. The premiums can be as much as 40% lower every year depending on the time frame you choose. Or, for the same premium in your current policy, you can increase the amount of insurance up to 40%!

The “Installment Payout Option” allows the policy owner, at the point of purchase, to choose how many years to defer these payments. 

Win –Win: You either purchase up to 40% more life insurance for the same premium as a lump-sum payout or lower your annual premiums up to 40% every year.  By choosing a greater number of payout years, the ANNUAL SAVINGS is increased.

The surge in annuity sales over the past several years is evidence that principal protection and guaranteed results are critically important to millions of consumers.  “This groundbreaking alternative is the perfect life insurance solution”, says Ted Bernstein of Life Cycle Financial Planners. And, it is available for both term and permanent coverage.

Why upgrade to the Installment Payout Plan?

  1. Transform lump-sum proceeds into guaranteed installments.

  2. Offers the most competitive premiums available – everything GUARANTEED.

  3. Reduces premiums as much as 40% for same amount of death benefit.

  4. Protects life insurance proceeds from market risk.

  5. Tremendous flexibility, installment periods between 5 and 30 years.

“The biggest challenge we face is raising awareness of this important option”, says Ted Bernstein, Owner of Life Cycle Financial Planners. “Almost everyone can upgrade their insurance coverage and we are uniquely qualified to help our clients…even smokers and people paying more for rated policies.”

Please call us at 561-869-4500 and let us help you compare your existing policy 
with the benefits of the Installment Payout Option. Or, email Ted.

Make sure to inquire about Life Insurance with living benefits and turn the face amount of your life insurance policy into an emergency health insurance fund.

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