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Term Insurance Rates Are Remarkably Low! How Much Life Insurance Should You Buy? From Who?

It is important for consumers to have a good understanding of how inexpensive term insurance really is to own. Once you engage with a professional to start the process, a robust discussion will usually follow about “how much” coverage do you need to meet your goals and objectives. From there, you should learn about state of the art innovations to reduce premiums, create value and increase flexibility. Maximum flexibility and the ability to customize for most people, is more important than anything else.

The Installment Payout Option – Just one example: Most people buying life insurance today for income protection prefer to have the proceeds paid to their heirs in a partial lump-sum with the balance paid in equal, guaranteed installments over a time period they choose. Life insurance buyers now can control how the proceeds are paid to their beneficiaries at the time they purchase the policy. Until recently, beneficiaries were always paid in a lump-sum. Now, at the time of purchase, you instruct the insurance company to pay GUARANTEED, pre-determined payments over a time period you selected. The premiums can be up to 40% less, EVERY YEAR!

Things change as time goes by. The Installment Payout Option allows you to re-design the structure of payments at any time to meet the needs of your family, without underwriting.

Still, too many people are only concerned about the minimal premium differences among different insurance companies. They key is to work with a professional to first customize exactly what you need and want the policy to do in the short and long term. Not doing so is the equivalent of going into an auto dealership and demanding the least expensive car without first “building” the car to meet your unique goals and objectives. Worse is the fact that most people are not aware of these relevant innovations that can now be customized into your policy. More and more insurance companies are creating products that allow experienced professionals to design the perfect policy for you.

I offer a complementary consultation, by phone or in person, which is designed to help you explore the innovations that now exist and to determine if I am the right professional for you. I have 30+ years of experience that will ensure you end up with the perfect plan and products for you.

Send an Email to Ted Bernstein or call my direct number at 561-869-4500. Upon request, I can provide you with many clients or professional advisors who can speak to the experience of working with me and my family.

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