“Not My Family!” Strategies To Avoid Wealth Destruction


Wealth destruction at inheritance time is showing no signs of slowing down. More and more family members are litigating with one another including attorneys, CPAs, wealth managers, family businesses and other related parties. Why is behind this unfortunate trend?

Too often, all the planning attention is placed on the family’s financial and real estate assets. There is nothing wrong with this but when there were dysfunctional family dynamics before inheritance, it is likely there will be dysfunctional family dynamics upon death. Neglected during the planning process, this dysfunction can lead to unintended consequences for family and business relationships. Most people passing on wealth do so with an expectation that their generosity will be received in the spirit it was intended. Without a proper amount of focus on family dynamics, succession inheritance can cause further damage to family relationships.

Avoiding Wealth Destruction

“If your wealth transfer plan is not done carefully, your wealth will be transferred… just not where you intended. It will end up being transferred, that’s for sure. It will be paid out as legal fees to law firms and other professional firms. In no time, millions of dollars can be wiped out in fees and settlements.


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