The Today Show this week includes an important recommendation about guaranteed, lifetime income. Although 2016 was a banner year for indexed annuities, we have a long way to go. Too many people do not understand indexed annuities and as a result, they are still measuring their retirement security by the size of their portfolios. As this story points out, you want to “convert” your retirement assets into an income stream that will last as long as you do. Guaranteed income in retirement is the gold standard for security.

“Building block 2: A Fixed Annuity.

Consider converting a portion of your nest egg into a fixed, immediate or deferred annuity that will cover the gap. Essentially, you’re using part of your nest egg to buy a paycheck that can be structured to last as long as you (and perhaps your spouse) live.” 


If absolute security is a primary retirement goal for you, please contact me to arrange a discussion about guaranteed income solutions. There are dozens of threats to your nest egg in retirement and I will explain how to mitigate them with the power of guaranteed income contracts. You will not learn about these strategies from traditional money managers. You can email me or call me directly at 561-869-4500.


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