Indexed Annuitiy: A $200 Billion Market

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Should you have a portion of your retirement assets in an indexed annuity? There is a great deal of information about how to allocate retirement assets. A fixed indexed annuity offers upside with virtually no downside. If you want to create an income stream that is guaranteed for life, an indexed annuity may be the Read More

10 Most Common Retirement Threats – Protect Your Nest Egg

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Watch out for these common retirement threats to your nest-egg. Follow these risk proof retirement tips: Longevity Risk: Considered by many to be the most dangerous  of all retirement threats as life expectancy continues to increase. To mitigate longevity risk, you want to convert lump-sum retirement assets into guaranteed income streams for life. This retirement threat Read More

Today Show: Make your money last with an annuity

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  The Today Show this week includes an important recommendation about guaranteed, lifetime income. Although 2016 was a banner year for indexed annuities, we have a long way to go. Too many people do not understand indexed annuities and as a result, they are still measuring their retirement security by the size of their portfolios. Read More

Everyday Tips For Longevity In Retirement.

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1. Time passes faster every day. Don’t make it worse by rushing and stressing over time. Where are you going? 2. Take care of your body so it will take care of you later. Don’t let your world get smaller each day – stay fit and mobile. 3. Intimacy and friendships remain important regardless of where you Read More

3 Simple Questions To Ask Yourself About Retirement

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Lower Your Stress About Retirement Why You Need To Ask Yourself These 3 Simple Questions About Your Retirement: 1. Do you have any plan at all about retirement besides social security and/or a pension? Over half of all Americans have never made any retirement plan whatsoever, and another 23% have never done any sort of Read More


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Put a Safety Net Under Your Retirement Assets

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Guaranteed Income + Liquidity is finally being recognized as a powerful combination for retirement security. Lifetime income hedges away longevity risk and liquidity of assets ensures flexibility with the ability to maneuver when necessary. It is more important than ever for people to understand the difference between asset accumulation in retirement versus guaranteed, lifetime income streams. Read More

Does Your Retirement Plan Provide You With Enough Guaranteed Lifetime Income?

2 years ago Ted Bernstein 0
With interest rates at historic lows and people living longer, guaranteed lifetime income is critical to a secure retirement plan.  I recently wrote an article about Longevity Risk in a column I write for the Boca Raton Tribune about Life Cycle Financial Planning. It is just as relevant today. “A lack of awareness and understanding about guaranteed income Read More