Does Ken Fisher hate annuities? If Ken Fisher is against guaranteed, lifetime income in retirement, then maybe Ken Fisher hates annuities. Read the annuities pros and cons here before you decide.

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Guaranteed, Lifetime Income Matters Most in Retirement

Large amounts of guaranteed income for life is your most important asset in retirement. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to manage complex investment portfolios. Many people have investment advisors to help them manage these complex retirement portfolios but keeping up with the minimum knowledge required to engage with your advisors can be challenging in your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. In retirement, investment value and asset volatility are simply the wrong measures if your goal is to have stability based on guarantees and predictability.

“Communicating with savers in terms of asset accumulation or the size of investment accounts is unhelpful and some retirement experts, including professors and other thought leaders, suggest it is even misleading.” Ted Bernstein

There is a disconnect caused by how the brokerage industry expresses the value of what matters in retirement. This disconnect is putting people at risk without sufficient reward. You must ask yourself what is more important, guaranteed principal protection or a few more percentage points of yield? 

Can you afford to lose 30% of your retirement assets at this point? It just happened to millions of people in 2008. If you were one of those people, can you afford to lose principal again?

Maybe the more important question is this: What is the upside for taking on this risk? The risks far outweigh the rewards. Do you believe the market has a greater chance of being up 30% from here or down 30% from here?

There Is A Better Alternative:

Considering that you CAN participate in market gains when there are gains to be had and NEVER lose principal when the markets are down! Don’t choose to forego the protection guaranteed by the insurance company? In most cases, the insurance companies are rated better than the stocks in your portfolio. 

With indexing, you can be in the market and benefit from the gains without putting your retirement assets at risk. Would you rather have an unprotected account made up of equities that can decrease?

With this better alternative, you can “flip the income switch” whenever you choose and begin to draw a guaranteed, lifetime income stream that can NEVER go down, for as long as you live.

Nothing else can do this. It is that simple – that cut and dry.

Guaranteed Income + 100% Liquidity is finally being recognized as a powerful combination for retirement security.

Lifetime income will hedge away longevity risk. It is more important than ever for people to understand the difference between asset accumulation in retirement versus guaranteed, lifetime income streams. Until now, the primary goal has been to increase your assets in order to draw them down in retirement. Professors at leading universities and retirement centers around the world are now asking retirees to re-think the conventional wisdom. Using the right annuities that guarantee liquidity from day one, you can have your cake and eat it too.

 “A portfolio of stocks and bonds cannot provide a guaranteed income for life, with Zero risk. On the other hand, the right longevity annuity contract does GUARANTEE you will never lose a dollar’s worth of principal and it will guarantee income you cannot outlive. Today, retirement age people want to protect their IRA assets and other retirement assets from any market loss and interest rate risk. But, they want some upside when the markets are up. It is okay to have some assets in the stock markets but I am against having any retirement assets in the stock market WITHOUT AN INDEXING WRAPPER TO PROTECT THE ASSETS FROM LOSS. Whenever we encounter a client without the wrapper, we ask one simple question: ‘What benefit are you getting from investing without the protection?’ Once people understand how these tools work for them, they re-balance immediately.

 Want to learn more? Please contact me. I will clarify and answer any questions on a complementary basis.”

Ted Bernstein, Boca Raton Tribune

P.S. Ken Fisher is wrong about annuities. Why does Ken Fisher advertise, Ken Fisher hates annuities? The answer is simple. Ken Fisher hates annuities because Ken Fisher does not make asset based commissions or recurring revenues from equity accounts when you buy an annuity from an insurance company. 

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